ORiSTO means primarily people who make up this company. The company employs a young, open to new solutions staff whose creativity helps in continuous development. Many of our employees continues to raise their professional skills, taking part in various training courses organized by the company. The teamwork and employee development are factors that increase the efficiency of various departments in our factory.

Our particular attention is paid to training of young people.

Industrial health and safety is very important for us. We pride ourselves on the achievements of our young employees who gain each year top ranks in national competitions for adepts of joinery.

During the apprenticeship, young people acquire skills of:

  • recognizing of different types of wood and wood-like materials
  • reading technical drawings
  • making woodworking connections
  • using joinery and numerical machines
  • surface finishing
  • furniture assembly
  • self-dependence and commitment to work
  • teamwork
  • orderliness and motivation to work
  • experience in joinery and furniture industry
  • rules relating to industrial health and safety

We invite all learners and their teachers to visit our company, get familiar with the production process as well as take a closer look of the joinery works.