Recently, a new character joined to our Oristo’s family – His name is Oristek. He apparently was with us from the very beginning, because He knows our company like no other. This blue boy became our company mascot, who from now on, will accompany with our all events. Everyone in Oristo has already loved him very much and it wasn’t difficult. His story moves everyone to the childhood. Oristek has already lived at homes of some children and he is still waiting for more friends.


The real story of Oristek from ORiSTO

Oristek was born with children and thanks to the children of our employees. Thanks to children’s creativity and drawings. Oristek is a real character, a mascot of the Oristo company.

Fairy tale about Oristek

Once upon a time, there was a little boy, who lived in a huge house. The house where he lived in was different than the rest. It was located in a village through which trains passed every day and the passangers watched on its strangeness. The boy wasn’t an ordinary one. Nobody knows, but his skin was as blue as the sky and his ears were dark and pointy.

There were only few windows in his house, but there were a large door, all made of metal. Inside the house was extremely noisy and every day there were many people from nearby towns and villages. Everyone worked hard on something.. ones cut something, others polished, painted and folded.. and finally ones were packing it on a huge cars that left the gates of a little boy’s house every day. No storm, rain, snow or hot sun could disturb the hard work of people.

Every day, a blue boy watched all the people, but he didn’t have the courage to get close to them. He was surprised that they were so strong and determined to work so hard every day.

Despite so many fellows, the boy felt alone. Every few hours, a group of people left his huge house to give space for another group who worked in the same laborious way. Always only adults: women and men and never ever children. Whenever the door of his house opened and the new guests came, as many times a little boy enjoyed the fellowship. After a while, it turned out that all of them were very busy of their job and as usual, boy didn’t have anyone to play with and to tell his funny stories.

The boy and his faithful fellow – the dog called Saba – were always present in this huge strange house, even when others have already left.

One day, to the surprise of the boy, unlike the usual, the gate of his property opened as widely as it could and together with adults came the children. The boy and Saba looked at each other, not quite understand what was going on.

“Um and ah! What happened? Why did the children come this time together with adults?” – The boy wondered. Despite of it, he was pleased about the situation.

“Hey, hey, what’s your name, boy? What’s your dog name, How old are you?, What are you doing here?” – children began to fire questions at the boy.

The boy didn’t hide the surprise. He stood with his mouth wide opened, looked at the shouting, happy children. And despite of an enormous joy that filled his heart, he became sad, because he didn’t know an answer for any of these questions. He didn’t know how old he is and what is his name. The only thing he knew was that he lived in his strange house ever since he remembered. Only Saba, satisfied with the situation, was wagging its tail and enjoyed the visit of  children.

Children noticed that the boy is sad, so they decided to help him in a heartbeat.

– “Hey boy, don’t worry. We’ll give you the most beautiful name in the whole world, from that day we will call you.. Oristek!” You live in a big factory named ORISTO, where our parents work. They go to work every day and after many hours of working, they come back homes and sometimes tell us about furniture that are produced in your big house. Your house is furniture factory and from this house all furniture are send to many people in the world.” – children presented. They were telling him stories about his home – the facory where he lived in for ages.

Oristek’s blu face brightened and smilled broadly, because he just understood what his home is for children and their parents. At last he was happy, he knew that from today he will be in the hearts of his house worker’s children – ORISTO factory and that children will visit him from time to time.

From this day on, every morning, at noon and in the evening, another employees came to his house to produce new furniture. Oristek always waved to them with his blue paw and he said them goodbye in the same way. He knew that this gesture made their day better than others.

Oristek was still accompanied by Saba – his faithful fellow friend.