scandinavian style – SKAGEN series

Simple shapes, frames on fronts and intriguing detail. SKAGEN bathroom furniture contains the best features and expected elements of Scandinavian style. Great form of a handle gives us comfort and convenience while opening the front. It is also a distinguishing feature of the design of this collection.

universal naturalness affirmation

What makes the arrangement is universal and naturally elegant? The light, color, simplicity and freshness of course! The way in which the interior is created, has an influence on our mood, gives us peace, rest and strength as well.  We need to take a rest from all external stimuli. We need to feel comfortable in a space that gives us a sense of mute and soothes the senses. Here is the secret of Scandinavian design popularity, probably. It just encourages us in a proper and gentle way. This is why we called the seriers SKAGEN, inspired by Scandinavian design. Our aim was to create the collection with its sensuality and influence on our mind by still remaining natural and honesty.

scandinavian style in the bathroom

Composition of harmony taken from the Earth colors, bleached wood knot and economy – that’s the Scandinavian style. The light plays an important role and it has to brighten up the room as well as to build an impression of coziness. Scandinavian style bathroom is inspired by nature. Danish hygge filozophy, Finland unforced elegance or Swedish lagom have one thing in common – the love for simple, natural solution.

tribute to simplicity

SKAGEN series is both elegant and minimalistic. All thanks to the shape geometry, which delights us by its simplicity and arrangement from the smallest to the biggest and real capacious items. Frame line on the fronts flows smoothly into soft detail. This solution delight and intrigues, but at the same time it gives the feeling of peace and harmony. The feeling of comfort accompanies in each step of communing with whole collection. Strength lies in its simplicity and authenticity of designing solutions which are so needed nowadays. It is emphasized by minimalistic color of white and sand matt. Less is more in this case. Subdued colors in the room stand for people and make the interior honest, authentic and cozy.

there is a secret in the handle

SKAGEN series despite of the characteristic line, is distinguished by a unique form of handle in individual models of furniture. It is worth paying attention to the solutions used in fronts of the furniture. The frame line flows into  soft detail creating a handle. It makes a huge difference. Discreet, subdued and gentle curvature of front makes the unique form of handle.

UNI – diversity of configuration

SKAGEN series like the other UNI models can be combined with the wide range of washbasins. Especially for Scandinavian interiors we recommend CERA and JOY washbasin. Skagen is for people who like sophisticated simplicity interested in strict, but warm interiors. For those who like fair design blended into natural materials.

arrangement elements

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