rediscover the beauty of detail with the exclusive LOUIS collection
LOUIS is a unique series of products that combine the friendliness of decorative forms with geometric precision. It is a reference to the world of decoration, delicacy and finesse that have been immersed in the extraordinary form of the products, where the detail comes to the fore.


furniture born out of love for beauty

In creating the LOUIS collection, we took an art deco theme in which utility meets ornate craftsmanship. Geometry, combined with sophisticated ornamentation, allows us to create incredible arrangements, transporting us to the world of a bygone era.

LOUIS collection in various interior shades

Products from the LOUIS collection will find their way into both classic interiors and unobvious loft arrangements. They will be a beautiful element in art deco arrangements or in rooms with a hint of Mediterranean architecture.
LOUIS is the right choice for lovers of classic accents, noble ornamental materials and those who prefer minimalist, even austere solutions.

from matt to gloss

We have created products from the LOUIS collection in three colour variants:

  • black gloss
  • white gloss
  • navy blue matt

Handles in 5 variants are a consistent complement to the collection. In addition to handles in body colours, we also offer gold gloss and chrome gloss finishes. All combinations will produce an impressive end result, ensuring that no one will pass by the furniture in this unique collection indifferently.

feel the power of inspiration