UNI collections

combine and compose as you like…

The idea of ​​universal collections is an offer whose main distinguishing feature is dimensional standardization. It allows you to freely assemble cabinets with a large number of stylistically, functionally and materially diverse washbasins.

It is also a high and standard appearance of the interior and a high level of workmanship.

In designing our universal collections, we have made every effort to ensure that the interiors of our
cabinets stand out for their high standard and elegance. Dark drawer bodies, perfectly harmonising
with the premium metal sides and graphite lacquer-protected inner surfaces – all are synonyms
of the highest quality. However, we have not forgotten about the functional qualities – in such an
interior, you cannot see any signs of wear and tear on the surface and the lacquering of the inside
of the bodies additionally protects these elements from water.

Already 7 of our bathroom furniture collections can be freely combined with the growing portfolio of washbasins.