ORiSTO standards

We know the challenges our furniture has to face in your bathrooms. High and frequently changing humidity levels, contact with liquid water, condensation on ceramic tiles and the risk of contact with chemically aggressive cleaning agents – all this means that our products are exposed to particularly harmful impacts. At ORiSTO, being aware of these hazards, we are the only manufacturer in the Polish bathroom furniture market to use unique, triple protection against water and moisture.

First, we use only high moisture-resistant boards for furniture fabrics on, which are easy to recognize, as they are tinted green. In contact with water, such board is less prone to swelling, retaining its structure and durability. Second, we carefully protect elements with specially selected high-grade waterproof varnishes. The third element is waterproof polyurethane glue used to apply edge banding to boards. This creates a barrier that additionally protects the moisture-proof board core owing to a watertight joint. Such combination of protection measures allows us to claim with full conviction and certainty: we are the best in the market.

best protection against moisture

excellent quality for years

We know what can happen to furniture used in bathrooms if it is not properly protected. Edge banding glued with cheap adhesives will delaminate, providing practically no protective barrier to water and moisture penetration. Panels made of ordinary materials swell, and their structure deteriorates rapidly, resulting in a loss of furniture stability. Doors and drawers refuse to operate, and swollen panels become a perfect environment for fungi and mold growth. The first signs of damage in the case of cheap products commonly available in the market can already be seen after one month’s use. In order to protect our Clients from such a scenario, we select our standards very carefully – and based on comparative studies we know that only ORiSTO triple protection is a guarantee of durability and reliability of use.


when the highest standard is still not enough…

We have extensive experience and know how to design specifications and technologies for bathroom furniture. Yet specification alone is not enough. Having regard to the need to maintain and continuously improve our standards and expand our knowledge of bathroom furniture performance, we have decided to build our own in-house laboratory. This is where we check incoming materials and components for compliance with the high standards we have set. The laboratory is also a perfect place to build our competence further through extensive R&D work. The know-how developed this way enables us to quickly and continuously improve our products which already today enjoy the reputation of the best protected products available in the market.

najwyższa jakość łazienek w ORiSTO



ORiSTO boasts today a highly advanced and constantly upgraded machinery fleet installed in new buildings. It is our pride and assurance that we are perfectly placed and prepared to face the contemporary challenges. Production, managed with an efficiently operating ERP system, provides a guarantee of stability and predictability. Every step of the way, it is measured and analysed with a view to improving efficiency and performance.