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90-year history of craftsmanship

Our nearly 90-year history of manufacturing furniture is a source of pride, but also a commitment. We successfully combine the best traditions of furniture making craftsmanship, the Ornowski family firm is known for, with the requirements of modern industrial production. The element that connects these two worlds is the attention to detail. We are very keen to ensure that a trace of the commitment, professionalism and reliability of the people who took part in their creation remains in our products. And importantly, this applies to all areas of our business, not just the production aspects. We want to be modern because the challenges of today demand it. But we also want to be traditionally solid and reliable, because we believe that this is the only way we can build sustainable values for the future.

for us, every detail matters

furniture tradition built for generations

We are a company founded in 1933, on whose strength and stability worked four generations of employees and the Ornowski Family. Thanks to their commitment, determination and craftsmanship, ORiSTO owes its current shape. We are aware of this, we respect it and we appreciate it. The school of traditional, carpentry craft is close to us. We reach for local practices, adapting them to the standards of modern times, while maintaining attention to craftsmanship and precision. Thanks to the work and commitment of previous generations, good practices that we use, our everyday life is filled with pride and satisfaction. We really like what we do. We just know the power of good furniture. Thank you for Your trust!
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Teofil Ornowski starts a wheelwright business in Lubawa
Stanislaw Ornowski takes over woodworking business
Krzysztof Ornowski takes over the works and expands production with various types of interior furniture
expansion of activities to include manufacture of bathroom furniture
adoption of the name ORiSTO - the Ornowski family i (and) Stolarstwo (joinery)
opening of our plant in Montowo and transfer of all activities from Lubawa
otwarcie pierwszego sklepu firmowego
expansion of our factory with additional production halls
construction of a new production hall
refreshing the ORiSTO brand logo
opening of our largest warehouse with a professional loading area
opening of new office building
LOUIS collection premiere

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Since 1992, we have been producing bathroom furniture that is characterized by high quality and durability. In our laboratory, we test all collections and solutions under the watchful eye of master craftsmen. Our mission has always been to create furniture of a high standard, with attention to detail and precision.


At ORiSTO, we have adhered to traditional values for generations: reliability, honesty and crafmanship conscientiousness. With such a solid foundation, we believe that the next 90 years will be an exciting journey together for us, our partners and our customers. We are building relationships for generations.



We have a wealth of experience and know how to design the specification and technology for bathroom furniture. However, we do not stop at raising the standards of our services, which is why we implemented the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality standards in 2020, and detailed research on the compliance of material and component parameters, with the high standards we set, is continuously checked in our research and development laboratory.


An innovative approach has guided our firm since its inception. We are constantly researching aesthetics, shape and material in combination with technological and craftsmanship know-how. For us at ORiSTO, it is also a process of continuous improvement in products, competence and people. It is a path in which the search for excellence is a never-ending development.


The story of ORiSTO proves that beauty is timeless when it is born out of passion and love. Perfect lines, elegance, simplicity that combine functionality with distinct style, all that form our designer’s DNA. It is also the sensuality that is so important in bathroom furniture design – the texture of the materials, visual refinement of the detail.


We are a family-owned, Polish firm that has been cultivating the woodworking traditions for four generations. It is our heritage, pride and commitment. That is why we treat our employees and partners with equal responsibility, appreciating their craftsmanship, their commitment to the business development and caring for our common growth.

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modern and efficient

ORiSTO today is a very modern and continuously upgraded machine park installed in new buildings. It is our pride and a source of conviction that we are superbly equipped to meet the challenges of the present day. Production managed by an efficient ERP system guarantees stability and predictability; in addition, measured and analysed at every step, it allows productivity and efficiency to be constantly improved.

ORiSTO laboratories and tests

We have a wealth of experience and know how to design the specification and technology for bathroom furniture. But specification alone is not enough. In view of the need to maintain and improve our standards and expand our knowledge of how bathroom furniture functions, we took the decision to build our own in-house laboratory. We continuously check there compliance of parameters of the supplied materials and components with the high standards we set. It is also an excellent place to expand our competences by carrying out a range of research and development work. Know-how built up in this way makes it possible to quickly and continuously improve our products, which for years have enjoyed a reputation as the best-secured on the market.