BRYLANT – under-washbasin cabinet 60 cm., two drawers, color: blue-grey mat, variant 3

Index: OR36-SD2S-60-16-V3

Platform: UNIRead about the platform
Collection: BRYLANT


Clear edges of the shapes, additionally emphasized by dynamic, diagonal accents, and decisive geometry of the form are the characteristic features of the BRYLANT bathroom furniture collection. BRYLANT under-washbasin cabinets can be combined with side cabinets and covered with common 125 cm wide washbasins. This gives us a set with four drawers of different sizes and a large countertop area on the washbasin.

Completing: assembly with: UNI furniture washbasins 80 cm, UNI countertops, countertop washbasins, UNI legs, other BRYLANT base cabinets

Dimensions (width/height/depth): 59,6 x 50 x 45,5 cm
Colors: blue-grey mat

Product features:

5-year warranty on all ORiSTO’s bathroom furniture
unique triple protection against water and moisture
bathroom furniture 100% assembled