Louis collection in art deco style

In art deco style Louis products feel like in their element. This series was created with a view to contrasted finishing, noble materials and decorative details. It was formed by the canons of decorative design from the first half of the twentieth century. Today the clash with modernist trends is in retreat so we believe that it is wort to return to it and rediscover the importance of proportion, freedom and fantasy in the design of details.

exclusivity and nobility

If we look at Louis series we come back to old days, to old design and aesthetic solutions, which occured in the history of architecture, art or fashion. It is also a return to the classic, elegant color scheme, in which matt supports gloss, black supports gold, sophisticated detail supports the shape.. All that is to create an exclusive and noble interior. The depth of black gloss particularly emphasizes the curvilinear shapes of fronts and sides and selected details.

The black matt washbasin blends perfectly with the deep gloss of the cabinets, decorated with a glossy, golden detail of handle and faucet. This option of Louis series looks particularly stunning with the black stylized bathroom. Such a bold combination, completed by gold or brass accessories, is an elegant reference to art deco aesthetics as its best.

Louis as a dressing table

What if the under washbasin becomes a dressing table? Adding a countertop for 82 cm cabinets is enough. The countertop is made of solid Surface material and thanks to it, an ordinary cabinet becomes a sophisticated dressing table or chest of drawers with two drawers.

Carefully and hand-polished countertop subtly blends with the body, creating one and tasteful whole.

In the Louis dressing table, unlike the under washbasin cabinets, the legs are included to the product, so there is no need to order them separately. LOUIS series as a version of a dressing table or chest of drawers, fits perfectly to the bedroom and living room interior.


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