like in parisian tenement

Combination of cleanliness and classic accessories – that’s the ideal background for the LOUIS series. Followers of simplicity and visual peace will appreciate that this collection harmonize with classical interiors inspired by the French style. User-friendly and soft shapes of furniture as well as washbasins refers to the time when aesthetics doesn’t give in with technology compromises or costs. Aesthetics task was to keep you pleased with the unusual taste of this style. Side cabinets from the LOUIS series, thanks to their curvilinear shapes, are optically light and neat. Having refined details of legs, they are subtle and delicate.

a whiff of elegant classic interior

French style in classical interiors combines two different worlds – elegant and sublime with modern and casual. We see unobvious and avant-garde interiors as a result, but they are still stylish. Calm and monochrome colors like white, grey and off-beige are to emphasize the color accent, which are not too many. A decisive background creates the surroundings for all the equipment. We mean by that decorative strips and cornice, moulding, window and door carpentry. These recall the good old days with all its decoration and luxury. Furniture stylized this way feels great in such interiors.

with love for detail and functionality

It is not the style only, which we admire in LOUIS series, but also the functionality.There is no better choice than comfortable, double washbasin 144 cm width and set of three under washbasin cabinets. In this case, a pretty big space is carefully arranged. We gave got 6 drawers with different sizes. All is in the range with the use of washbasin. Louis is a series that is carefully thought out in every area of its design. This is for enjoying every funtional and visual element.

arrangement elements

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