legs (2 pcs) accesories 33 cm., , color: graphite mat

Index: OR00-A-NO-33-6

Platform: UNIRead about the platform
Collection: ADD-ONS


Universal legs for the UNI collection. Elegant universal legs with two heights – 23 cm and 33 cm – allow you to change the nature of the collection and adjust the model to the optimal height, which is defined by the selected washbasin. Each leg can be adjusted in the range of about 1 cm in order to compensate for any unevenness in the floor. For countertop washbasins and high furniture washbasins, e.g. BOLD – due to their greater height – we recommend completing them with 23 cm high legs. Elegant and sophisticated in design, the legs match all uni collections and are available in colors to match each collection.

Completing: assembly with: UNI base cabinets combined with furniture washbasins (except BOLD), UNI side cabinets

Dimensions (width/height/depth): 11,5 x 33 x 15 cm
Colors: graphite mat

Product features:

5-year warranty on all ORiSTO’s bathroom furniture
unique triple protection against water and moisture
bathroom furniture 100% assembled