LOUIS – side tall cabinet 47 cm., two doors, color: dark blue mat, dark blue mat handle

Index: OR50-SB2D-47-14

Platform: PREMIUMRead about the platform
Collection: LOUIS


Capacious side cabinets from the LOUIS collection, thanks to their curvilinear shapes, retain optical lightness and neatness. The graphite interior of the cabinet, hidden behind two door leaves, is equipped with shelves made of graphite glass. Their increased thickness emphasizes the exclusive character of the furniture. Carefully selected supports reliably and elegantly fix the shelves in the body. The LOUIS side cabinet is universal – if necessary, you can change the side of the door opening. Thanks to its capacity, it is a perfect complement to the storage function, and its design makes it fit perfectly in any interior.


Dimensions (width/height/depth): 47 x 170 x 32,5 cm
Colors: dark blue mat

Product features:

5-year warranty on all ORiSTO’s bathroom furniture
unique triple protection against water and moisture
bathroom furniture 100% assembled