new colors on request in the ORiSTO offer
Our new colors are the essence of earth and nature. We have selected them for selected UNI collections – ETNA, SIENA, SKAGEN, BRYLANT – so that they fit harmoniously in any interior and in any style.

Color Has the Power. The bathroom space is a Picture that we paint in different colors to create a common and polyphonic melody. In ORISTO we consciously limit the color palette. We want the interior with our furniture not to age over time because we strongly believe that timelessness is the key to lasting beauty.

Our New colors are the essence of earth and nature. We have chosen them for series: ETNA, SIENA, SKAGEN, BRYLANT so that they harmoniously fit in each interior and style.

New colors are available on request.

warm brick matt

Brick color is a noble shade of red referring to the natural beauty of traditional bricks. Warm brick Clay baked in the Sun is, after All, one of the most beautiful colors in architecture. It brings to mind peace, harmony and rustic colors of small towns.

Warm brick matt reflects and highlights the beauty of natural materials, so it goes perfectly with wood, clay and wickerwork. Combined with the SKAGEN series creates a dialogue between the past and the future. History and modern design. It is a color which encourages to emphasize the texture and sensory in the interiors.

deep grey-blue

Grey blue is the quintessence of minimalism and universality in color. Color that combines subtle shades of blue with neutral grey. It brings peace, freshness, and modernisty to the space.

Grey blue is like a fresk breath of air in the interior. It looks espiecially attractive with the minimalistic and modern arrangements. Connected with the BRYLANT series focuses on form and detail elegance.

Deep grey-blue makes the space bigger and easily connects with other colors. It is ideal as a base or accent. This color is particularly sensitive to the color of light in the room.  With warm light, it will be more saturated and intimate and with cool light and silver accessories – more elegant and refined.

natural olive green

Olive green matt is one of the most natural and subtle shades of green. Our color includes a bit of bitterness which adds sophistication and taste as in the best Italian meal

Olive green matt makes the interior more friendly and organic and in the same way, it stays in its modern face. It is a color that perfectly goes together with other colors of earth. Its subdued character calms down even its slightly cheeky form of the SIENA series creating the space balanced.

Olive green mat allows it to be arranged in different styles and its photophilous causes the interiors to become more spacious. This color creates the interior calm and relaxing.

bittersweet mocha

Bittersweet mocha is a color inspired by the seeds of aromatic and oriental coffee with the same name. A rich brown shade with delicate chocolate notes has an extraordinary softness and depth. That is one of the most interesting colors in the palette. Noble, mature, and luxurious.

Mocha seduces its oriental beauty, and exudes sensuality. Connected with the modern figure from the ETNA series creates elegant interiors as well as refined and cozy ones. Its depth brings with it the warmth and bittersweet taste of good quality morning coffee.


New colors are dedicated to selected UNI collections  – ETNA, SIENA, SKAGEN, BRYLANT.

Colors are available on request