Aranżacja narożnej łazienki - drewniany blat i granatowe meble Siena
touch of naturalness – wooden countertop for the bathroom
Wooden washbasin countertops are an increasingly common solution in bathroom arrangements. The structure of the wood creates a beautiful effect, is warm to the touch, and creates the atmosphere of a home spa. The bathroom with elements of wood encourages relaxation and makes everyday rituals more pleasant.

what wood to choose for the worktop for the bathroom?

Wood is a living material, which means that as a material it absorbs moisture and releases it again. This has a positive and health-promoting effect on the indoor climate. But, it’s no secret that wood is a capricious material and requires special attention and care. To preserve the longevity of this material, wooden washbasin countertops must be adequately protected and regularly maintained.

Only selected types of wood do well in bathroom conditions. In general, stable grades – with a low shrinkage coefficient – and non-absorbent grades that do not react to moisture or temperature fluctuations are recommended for use in the bathroom. The best are varieties of exotic wood, such as teak, merbau, doussie, and jatoba. The oily substances contained in them act as a natural impregnation, protecting against bacteria and fungi. In the bathroom, wooden worktops made of native species such as oak or larch also work great.

countertop made of solid oak wood lamella

It is a countertop that not only looks beautiful and natural but is also durable and stable. The technique of execution, i.e. gluing solid oak wood from lamellas, ensures the durability of the shape. The colors of the tabletop match all our collections, regardless of whether we choose white gloss or black matte – with every color of varnish oak looking great. And the structure of the lamella creates a surprising, interesting, and natural visual rhythm

Praktyczne akcesoria łazienkowe-reling na ręcznik zamocowany pod blatem

care, i.e. oiling of a wooden countertop

The oil provides a very natural effect. Unlike varnish, it soaks deep into the wood, preserves it from the inside and does not leave a visible coating on the surface. It beautifully exposes the grain pattern and allows you to maintain a perceptible texture of the material. At the same time, it effectively protects the worktop in the bathroom against

  • moisture
  • cracking
  • permanent dirt.

Each of our wooden countertops is accompanied by oil, which will allow you to secure the cutouts for the washbasin in the first stage of assembly.

We recommend repeating the oiling treatment regularly – half a year after buying a new top, then every 6 months. This is an elementary activity, and care will allow us to enjoy the quality of the material for years because any damage to the oiled surface can be easily and easily repaired. It is enough to carefully clean the damaged place, sand it with sandpaper, dust it off, re-protect it with oil, and polish it with a soft cloth.

universal countertops for the UNI collection

Wooden bathroom countertops in the ORiSTO offer are available in dimensions: 40/60/80/100/120/140/160 cm. The edge of the tabletop is gently milled from the bottom, thanks to which the solid construction looks delicate and elegant. For bathroom countertops, we recommend high-quality countertop washbasins made of conglomerate or ceramics and dedicated accessories, such as a convenient rail for towels or brackets for fastening.

Praktyczne akcesoria do łazienki - uchwyt na ręcznik zamocowany pod blatem

freedom of arrangement and choice of bathroom interior style

Countertops can be freely assembled and freely arranged with our UNI collections. It depends on us whether we want to have a bathroom interior in a classic style (MONTEBIACO collection), Scandinavian (SKAGEN collection), Mediterranean (BERYL collection), sophisticated (SIENA collection), or urban style also called urban (BRYLANT collection). Using solids from the UNI collection, we can create our own style.

UNI collections – combine and compose as you like…

The idea of universal collections – UNI – is an offer whose main distinguishing feature is primarily dimensional standardization. It allows you to freely assemble cabinets with a large number of stylistically, functionally, and materially diverse washbasins. It is also a uniform and high standard of the interior and the solutions used, attention to elegance and details of finishing as well as high quality of workmanship.